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8 Key First Steps to a Healthy Vegetable Garden

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Whether you’re starting a garden from scratch or improving an existing one; the task can be painstaking and intimidating.

A beautiful, thriving and prosperous vegetable garden requires healthy soil and hours of care. Here are the eight steps to growing a healthy vegetable garden courtesy of Irrigation Outlet"

Step #1: Identify the Right Site

When selecting a location, choose a site exposed to direct sunlight that offers afternoon shade. The afternoon shade will help reduce the water requirements. The soil should be well drained. If you live in an area with tight clay soils you may want to consider using raised beds to help with drainage.

Step #2: Decide What You Want to Plant

Success in the vegetable garden comes from choosing the right plants. A small garden with a variety of what you eat most often will serve the purpose.

Step #3: Prepare & Care for Your Soil

Excellent drainage and perfect soil structure are critical for a healthy vegetable garden. Consider soil testing and use a fertilizer with the exact nutrients needed for optimal plant growth.

Step #4: Get to Planting

When planting, avoid overcrowding the plants. Overcrowded plants grow poorly due to high competition for water, light, and nutrients and are more susceptible to disease and pests.

Step #5: Say No to Chemicals

Use organic materials such as compost, aged manure and rotted plant materials on the garden and go organic. Organic fertilizer will help boost the soil composition, moisture retention, and nutrients.

Step #6: Control Weeds

You can keep down weeds through the use of chemicals, but we recommend mulching and cultivation.

Step #7: Fight Pests & Diseases

To keep pest and diseases at bay, select the disease-resistant varieties and be sure to go for the treated seeds and seedlings. Keep weeds to a minimum.

Step #8: Water Properly

Choose the watering methods that’ll limit moisture on the foliage for disease control. Drip irrigation is a great choice.

You Too Can Grow a Healthy Vegetable Garden

Planning to start or improve your veggie garden? Use the above tips for the healthiest garden. Irrigation Outlet supplies irrigation tools, accessories, chemicals, seeds and more. We offer free shipping on most orders of $149.00 or more information, talk to our experts at 803-461-0561.