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Are You Fertilizing Your Lawn Correctly? 5 Tips from the Experts

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You’ve worked hard to achieve a green and thriving lawn and you’ll agree it can be a painstaking task if you lack the green thumb. Proper fertilization is crucial in lawn care, but knowing how and when to apply it will help boost your lawn’s growth and appearance. We discuss 5 expert tips for fertilizing your lawn correctly:

Test the Soils before Fertilizing

You should test the soil for pH, nutrient content and the composition of organic matter. By identifying nutrient deficiencies you can apply exactly what your lawn needs.

Use a Good Compost

Unlike other fertilizers, you can spread compost fertilizer any time of the year. In most cases, that’s all your lawn requires to thrive.

Fertilize Based On the Weather

The best time to apply fertilizer on a lawn is at the start of the spring season when the grass and other plants have started to actively grow, usually when the night-time temperatures are 65 degrees for warm season grasses.

The type of grass in your lawn will dictate what fertilizer you apply and the timing of these applications.

How to Apply Fertilizer in Your Lawn

A rotary spreader will ensure more even coverage compared to hand application which can cause burns in the more concentrated areas.

Go for the broadcast and rotary spreaders as they are easy and reduce stripping common with drop spreaders. To prevent fertilizer on the streets, driveway, and sidewalks, choose a spreader that has a diverter attachment.

Store the Fertilizer Properly

Commercial fertilizer is a chemical and needs careful handling. Keep it away in locked cabinets and sheds away from the children and pets.

In Conclusion

What, how much and when are the essentials when applying fertilizer to a lush green lawn. Irrigation Outlet is a renowned dealer of all irrigation products and accessories including chemical & fertilizers and seeds. We offer free shipping on most orders more than $149. For inquiries, call us at (803) 461-0561.