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4 Best Ways to Keep Water Away From Your House’s Foundation  

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Keeping water away from your home’s foundation can prevent many water-related problems including foundation erosion, dampness and basement flooding. It can also save you on costly repairs.

However, here are few ways you can avert the dangers of water creeping around your house’s foundation:

1. Make sure the ground around your house slopes away from the foundation

This is the number one way in keeping water away from your house. When the ground around your house slopes away from the foundation, runoff water flows away from the home instead of seeping into its base.

2. Ensure there are no water pools near your foundation

During the rainy season, check around your house for pools of water that collect near the foundation. You can also use a garden hose to spray water around your home during the dry season. If you note any pools of water, drain them and fill those holes with dirt, sand or gravel to prevent water from collecting at these points again.

3. Install a rain gutter system

Without a rain gutter system or proper drainage, water running off from your roof will fall on the ground near your foundation. Install a rain gutter system to ensure that this water is collected and prevented from coming close to the house’s foundation.

4. Build a barrier or dig a trench

If you note that water flows towards your home from a particular direction during heavy rains, you can build a barrier to block it or dig a trench to divert its flow.

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