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3 Quick Facts about Drip Irrigation You Should Know

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Perks of Drip Irrigation

3 Quick Facts about Drip Irrigation You Should Know

Drip irrigation has been around for a while, but not everyone understands how beneficial it is to your landscape and to you.

1. Easy to Install:
Drip irrigation is easy to install. It requires only a few basic tools and since the drip tubing is easily hidden under mulch, it requires very little digging. If you are an experience drip irrigation installer, you probably have a good idea of the components required to install a system and can purchase those items individually. There are several drip irrigation kits available for first time installers or those experienced installers that simply like the convenience of having everything you need in a prepackaged box.

2. Decreased Fertilizer Costs:
Many drip irrigation systems can be set up to inject liquid fertilizer. These “fertigation” systems not only conserve water but also reduce the amount of fertilizer needed. By applying the fertilizer directly to the plants root zone, the fertilizer is taken up more quickly by the plant. This reduces the likelihood of fertilizer leaching into the ground water or being carried away by runoff. Another positive is that reduced fertilizer costs save you money.

3. Better for the Environment:
Water is a precious commodity, and being able to save water is very important for all of us. We help the environment when we save water, reduce the use of pesticides, and apply fertilizer to limited areas. Drip systems help us to do all of these things, and because they are target specific, they help us to grow hardy and healthy landscapes that help to improve air quality.

No one knows drip irrigation like Irrigation Outlet. If you have questions, contact us now and we’ll help you get answers on everything you need to know about drip irrigation.