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3 Handy Tips for Selecting the Right Drip Irrigation For Your Garden

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A drip irrigation system can offer a number of advantages for your garden over other types of watering systems. It can maximize the efficiency of your garden by using less water and reducing the amount of nutrients leaching from the soil. Here are three tips to help get you started if you're thinking about adding a drip irrigation system.

Drip Irrigation Selection Tips

  • Plan Ahead: As plants grow and begin producing fruit and vegetables their daily water requirements increase. Figure out the maximum amount of water you'll need to run through the system for the plants that you intend to grow. You don't want to install a system in the spring with the wrong size of drip irrigation tubing only to discover that it doesn't provide enough water in July!
  • Consider Your Water Source: If you plan to set your system up to draw water from a pond or stream, you may need to install a filter system for it. A proper filtration system is important because drip irrigation uses small outlets that can become easily clogged by debris.
  • Take Gravity into Account: If your water is changing in elevation from its source to your garden, it will affect the water pressure in your lines or hoses. Every 2.3 feet in elevation change results in a one-pound change in water pressure. Pressure increases by one pound for a downhill change in elevation (meaning stronger hose or piping is needed) or decreases by one pound for an uphill change in elevation (meaning you need a pump that can handle more pressure).

If you're ready to try a drip irrigation system and have any questions call Irrigation Outlet today at 803-461-0561.

3 Ways to Get Smarter with LED Landscape Lighting

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Landscape lighting provides an affordable way to enhance your home’s appearance. There are also many other benefits to landscape lighting, including improved safety and security. One of the best ways to implement landscape lighting on your property is to use LED landscape lighting. Here are three ways to get smarter with LED landscape lighting.

1. Enhance Curb Appeal

LED landscape lighting works with traditional lighting systems that are timer or light activated. As the sun starts to go down, LED landscape lighting comes on to enhance the curb appeal of your home as daylight fades. LED landscape lighting can be used to highlight special flowerbeds and shrubbery or garden benches and other seating areas.

2. Energy Efficiency

LED landscape lighting uses much less energy than traditional lighting options. Incandescent bulbs are being phased out by the government because of their excessive use of energy. LED lights are more efficient at using energy, and they can last for a decade. Instead of watching your energy bills get higher, LED landscape lights can help in controlling those electricity bills.

3. Safety and Security

LED landscape lighting provides a maximum of safety and security for your home. Some bulbs provide a 60-degree spread of light for your property. This level of illumination is enough to deter potential trespassers from even trying to access your property uninvited.

LED landscape lighting is attractive and warm looking. It is similar to traditional lighting, in the way that it lights up the area and the soft color that it emits.

If you are investing in landscape lighting, it makes sense to choose LED. For more information about landscape lighting, please contact Irrigation Outlet.

How Underwater Lights Can Help Enhance Your Pool  

Posted by: Irrigation Outlet

Your swimming pool should be more than just a place to cool off in the hot weather. With a few changes, it can become the focal point of your entire backyard's hardscape. One of the best ways to transform the look of your pool area is to incorporate more underwater lighting.

Underwater illumination provides beauty and safety whether you are taking a late-night dip or gathering with your friends for an evening get-together.

Today's modern lighting options allow homeowners to:

Extend Pool Usage Into The Evening Hours

The South is known for its famously hot summers, with heat extending into the evening hours. So why not enjoy your pool then too? Adding pool lighting will make the pool safer, improve visibility and allow you and your friends to enjoy a swim under the stars!

Improve Pool Safety

Safety is always a top priority for pool owners, especially when you have children and pets nearby. To improve visibility, especially for nighttime swimming, we recommend selecting white lights and placing them along your pool's side walls and steps. Keep your pool area stress free by placing lighting in hard-to-see areas. This will also create a warm glow as the light gently filters up through the water producing a welcoming glow!

Create a Backyard Getaway

Choose underwater lighting directed upwards to help your pool take on an almost magical appearance. There are many color choices available, and some options allow the user to change the lights' color and brightness remotely.

Create a dream-like look by adding under cap color-changing LED lighting to your pool. The source of under cap light is almost invisible so all you and your guests will see a pool of color as the light reflects off the water's surface.

Take the first step to design your own oasis speaking with the pool lighting experts at Irrigation Outlet. Call (803) 461-0561 to speak with an expert about lighting projects for your new or existing swimming pool.

Three Signs Your Sprinkler Heads Need Maintenance  

Posted by: Irrigation Outlet

Sprinklers make watering your yard quick and easy, but they need do need to be maintained. If you notice any of these three signs, it may be time for a repair.

Signs You Have to Repair Your Sprinkler Heads

Uneven watering of your lawn.

Does your lawn have areas which are oversaturated while other spots remain bone dry? This is a clear indication that there is something wrong with your sprinkler system. Most likely, the problem is due to the faulty rotation of your sprinkler head, but there may be other causes. Check to make sure you set the zone control correctly before repairing or replacing the sprinkler.

A sky-high water bill. 

If you have a set watering schedule, and you notice that one month's water bill is higher than usual, there is a good chance you have a leak somewhere. Often you can catch a leaky sprinkler head before you wind up paying next month's water bill by inspecting your lawn for puddling or by observing lower water pressure.

Your sprinkler fails to spray water when you turn it on. 

This is an obvious sign that something is not right. A common cause of this problem is a clogged valve. Other indications of a blocked sprinkler are reduced water pressure or an erratic water spray. If you notice these signs, turn your sprinkler off and call a professional to avoid damaging your system.

The watering experts at Irrigation Outlet can help you with all your sprinkler issues. Call (803) 461-0561 for assistance.

4 Best Ways to Keep Water Away From Your House’s Foundation  

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Keeping water away from your home’s foundation can prevent many water-related problems including foundation erosion, dampness and basement flooding. It can also save you on costly repairs.

However, here are few ways you can avert the dangers of water creeping around your house’s foundation:

1. Make sure the ground around your house slopes away from the foundation

This is the number one way in keeping water away from your house. When the ground around your house slopes away from the foundation, runoff water flows away from the home instead of seeping into its base.

2. Ensure there are no water pools near your foundation

During the rainy season, check around your house for pools of water that collect near the foundation. You can also use a garden hose to spray water around your home during the dry season. If you note any pools of water, drain them and fill those holes with dirt, sand or gravel to prevent water from collecting at these points again.

3. Install a rain gutter system

Without a rain gutter system or proper drainage, water running off from your roof will fall on the ground near your foundation. Install a rain gutter system to ensure that this water is collected and prevented from coming close to the house’s foundation.

4. Build a barrier or dig a trench

If you note that water flows towards your home from a particular direction during heavy rains, you can build a barrier to block it or dig a trench to divert its flow.

Contact the professionals at Irrigation Outlet today for more details on how to keep water away from your house’s foundation.

Hack: How to Cut Your Grass and Improve the Health of Your Lawn  

Posted by: Irrigation Outlet

The first impression visitors get when they see your home is of your front yard. Most homeowners tend to think that to keep a healthy lawn requires the use of excessive water, pesticides, and fertilizer but it is much easier than that.

Below are some easy steps to ensure you have the greenest and healthiest lawn in your neighborhood;

Mow According to Grass Type

The most basic lawn care trick is simple yet keeps your lawn looking healthy. The performance of your grass depends on the height at which it is mowed. Be sure to check those numbers according to the type of grass growing in your yard.

Aerate the lawn

The soil beneath the grass will over time become compacted. Compacted soil has poor water drainage, poor air circulation, and poor nutrient absorption. Soil organisms such as earthworms cannot establish in compacted soil. You can aerate the lawn by using a core aerator and punching holes 2.5 to 3 inches deep in the ground.

Water the lawn deeply and less often

Contrary to popular belief, watering your lawn a few minutes every day of the week will not help your lawn. To grow a healthier lawn, you need to water the grass deeply, at the correct time of day, and make sure not to over-water. By doing so, the roots of the grass grow deeper into the soil helping your grass stay greener even in the driest month. You need to evenly water your lawn with 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week. You will need a reliable irrigation system to achieve this.

For a reliable irrigation system, contact Irrigation Outlet where you will find different irrigation products to meet your needs

3 Beautiful Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out with Landscape Lighting  

Posted by: Irrigation Outlet

Your commercial building is the calling card for your business and sometimes the first impression that customers will have with your company. Using properly placed and well-designed landscape lighting is the perfect way to help your business stand out aesthetically providing your customers with a pleasing first impression. When designing your business landscape consider these three beautiful ways to make your company building standout.

Illuminate Paths and Walkways

Illuminating darkened pathways and walkways can help increase the safety of your employees and customers as well as reduce your risk of accidents and injuries when approaching and leaving your building. Pathway lighting can also add the perfect ambient lighting and draw the visitors attention to the main entrance of your building even if they are just passing by.

Draw Attention to Unique Building Features

Directional landscape lighting is a fantastic way to highlight some unique or standout features of your building that may not be as noticeable during daylight hours. Consider adding spot lighting to areas of your building such as logo signage, unique architecture structures, or the entrance to help guide customers into your building.

Highlight Key Landscape Features

A well-landscaped business property can provide a relaxing and inviting environment for customers and create a professional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment. Adding underwater lights to water features or spotlighting manicured trees and flower beds can create a unique atmosphere which can be accentuated when the sun sets.

If you are interested in learning more about how landscape lighting can help your business stand out, or would like to purchase the perfect lighting to enhance your building's exterior, contact Irrigation Outlet today.

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